Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple

Vaitheeswaran Koil near Chidambaram, is dedicated to Angaraka (Mars). Main deity, Lord Siva is called by Vaitheeswaran, who possess healing properties. Praying Vaitheeswaran 'God of medicine' can cure skin diseases.  Mars plays role in establishing strong martial relationships. 

Angarakan (Chevvai), son of Lord Siva, who born from the drop of Lord Siva's.  Once, When Lord Siva was in deep meditation, a drop of sweat from the Siva's forehead fell on the Earth. A male child was born out of this drop. It is said that Lord Siva cured Angarakan skin disease, following which he joined Navagraha Club.
One should take holy dip at Temple Tank 'Siddsmrita' before entering temple, which is believed to possess healing properties for skin diseases. 

The ashes here, referred as Thiruchandu Urundal, which acts as a medicine for skin diseases. This ash will be collected from Homa Kundam. Another medicine is made out Chandan (Sandalwood powder and is mixed with saffron. 
Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple

Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple

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