Monday, January 25, 2016

Nilathingal Thundathan Perumal Temple Kanchipuram

Legend dates back to the times of Churning Milky Ocean, Where Vasuki Serpent was used as the churning rope, Mount meru as the churning stick, Devas and Asuras who held Vasuki on either side. When the Mount meru started sinking in to the ocean, Lord Vishnu took the form of Tortoise (Kurma Avathar) and bore the weight of 'Mount Meru' on his back to balance the churning stick. During this exercise, Vasuki serpent was exhausted and split venom which fell into the ocean and darkened Lord Vishnu's skin color.
On Brahma's suggestion, Lord Vishnu did penance here for Lord Siva, who blessed Vishnu by showering crescent moon rays. Hence Lord Vishnu praised here by Nila- Thunda Perumal, which means Lord with Crescent moon Color.
Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped here in a formless manner, it is believed that the Goddess was merged with the Lord Vishnu. 

Temple  Timings:

Morning Hours: 6 am - 11 am
Evening Hours: 5 pm - 8 pm

Nilathingal Thundathan Perumal Temple Kanchipuram

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