Thursday, January 28, 2016

Balakrishna Temple Hampi History

Balakrishna Temple Hampi is situated on the way to Virupaksha temple from Kamalapur, facing East, dedicated  to Vaishnava in the form of Balakrishna.This temple was built by the King Sri Krishna deva raya during 1514 A.D to commemorating the conquest of Udayagiri in Orissa.

The balakrishna temple is typically in Vijayanagara style and plan, and is one of the earliest temples of Tuluvas, built in 1514 AD, to install the image of Balakrishna, on 16th, February 1515 A.D. When Krishna deva raya had seized Udayagiri, during the course of his Orissan campaigns. The inscription is kept in the temple records the commemorating of the conquest of Udayagiri Krishnadevaraya and the installation of Balakrishna Image, brought from Udayagiri.

Balakrishna Temple Hampi History

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