Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kanchi Bangaru Balli Story

Two disciples of Sage Gautham used to fill Pooja vessel regularly with water. One day, a lizard fallen into the Pooja vessel which was filled with water. Unknowingly, disciples placed this vessel in front of the sage. Gautham Rishi noticed the lizard in the vessel while offering prayers to the Lord. Sage angered for their disciples ignorance and cursed them to become lizards. 
As advised by the Sage, two disciples reached Kanchipuram and stayed here as lizards for a long. Disciples got relieved from their curse, when Indra who was cursed by Goddess Saraswathi, came here as a elephant and prayed for Lord Varadaraja. Disciples attained salvation but their mortal coil remained here. It is believed that who prays Lord Varadaja and touches these two lizards on their way out will be relieved from all chronic diseases. 

How to reach Varadaraja Perumal Temple Kanchipuram ?

  1. Temple is 3.6 km from Kanchipuram bus station
  2. Temple is 4.8 km from Kanchipuram Railway station
Kanchi Bangaru Balli Story

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